1Sure Telemedicine | Promo Exclusive for BPI Debit/Credit Cardholders


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-117777, Series of 2021.

A must for every Filipino who wants to be confident even during these times.  Gift yourself and your loved ones with access to professional medical consultation, 24/7 without leaving your home.  Choose between individual subscription or home subscription.  Under home subscription, all individuals living in one residential address can consult - family members including kasambahay and anyone else living at home.  Pre-registration is required prior to consultation.  Early and frequent consultation is a must nowadays.  There is no need to delay or avoid consultation when you are experiencing any symptom. From wherever you are, you can consult with a doctor and from the time that you request for a return call to the end of your consultation, it only takes an average of 29 minutes. You can also get your prescription for medicines and diagnostic procedures through email.

You can browse, shop, purchase, pay and register the persons to be covered - all online. Shop now by visiting www.1sure.com.ph/products and select the products 'Exclusive for BPI Cardholders'. 

No minimum quantity required for purchases. You can purchase for yourself, your own residence and others.

Exclusive offer for BPI customers! Avail as much as 28% discount on subscription fees when you purchase telemedicine coverage for individuals and the family using BPI debit/credit cards. 

Please use the following promo codes upon check-out.  Promo period is from 26 April to 31 July 2021.

  • For TeleMedOne, save as much as 20% when you purchase at least 3 units in one transaction.  Save 11% off the regular price when you purchase less than 3 units of 1Sure TeleMedOne.  
  • For TeleMedHome, save as much as Php1,000 or 28% off the regular price. 


For 1Sure TeleMedOne, the coverage provides unlimited telemedicine consultation for one individual for 12 months. 

For 1Sure TeleMedHome, the coverage provides unlimited telemedicine consultation for all the individuals who regularly live in one residential address for 12 months.  

For both 1Sure TeleMedOne and 1Sure TeleMedHome, registration is required prior to the individual's first consultation and coverage will begin 3 days from successful registration. This telemedicine service is powered 24/7 by My Pocket Doctor.

 1Sure TeleMedOne
 1Sure TeleMedHome